Newsprint – is the paper, in the name of which contains its purpose. Newspaper paper is determined to the same class of paper as offset, but there are significant differences, because For its production, cheaper fibrous materials are used, its composition is dominated by wood pulp about 75%, without sizing and fillers or with a low content of the latter (less than 5%). Even with such a low content, the paper acquires additional smoothness and whiteness.

Newsprint has a high level of porosity, which ensures fast fixation of paint on the surface of books, magazines, brochures, leaflets, forms containing text, bar and raster black-and-white and color illustrations. Newsprint is also used for high speed printing. One of the main features of newsprint is the speed and timeliness of printing.
This is a new direction for us, which we are trying to quickly master.

We sell products UPM, Stora Enzo, Mёtsa, Leipa, Mondi.


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